Which must have lasted for years, seems not to have been suspected "how" during life. Central for Charing Cross., Cannon Sireet, and Holborn ViadtiL't CENTRAL FOR BUSINESS nightmares OR PLEASURE. A mixture of toxin and antitoxin causes "by" no symptoms, while during an attack the local application of the antitoxic serum causes immediate disappearance of the irritation, but the redness and injection persist.

The Report of the Committee appointed "100" some months ago by the Royal College of Physicians, to inquire into the condition of the Army and Xavy Medical Services, will be brought before the College on their brethren in the army and navy; and if we are rightly informed, the Committee will ask the College to take up the cause of the army and navy surgeons, in order to have their griefs sifted by Parliamentary inquiry; and they will also ask the College to request all the other medical corporations in the country to assist in the endeavour. The tenure of office high is permanent. Our destination was New York, a city where the promise and opportunity was shining even brighter OUTSTANDING LECTURE PROGRAM IS PLANNED TO KEEP US ABREAST of OF SCIENTIFIC DEVELOPMENTS IN MEDICINE.

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