Why is it that practically every mother's son of a doctor who starts out to make his living by printer's ink rather than by his own skill starts sooner or later to go downhill? There are a few levels men, like Doctor Blanchard, who may do clean newspaper POETRY AS A SUBSCRIPTION"PULLER" Not long ago, in order to encourage promptness in renewing subscriptions to Clinical Medicine, we sent out with our regular billing some copies of the poem that follows: How dear to our heart is the steady subscriber Who pays in advance at the birth of each year, Who lays down the money, and does it quite gladly, He never says:"Stop it; I cannot afford it, I'm getting more journals than now I can read." In fact we all think it a help and a need." How welcome his check when it reaches our sanctum; How it makes our pulse throb, how it makes The steady subscriber who pays in advance. FOTm in great "memory" abundance and are mingled with the sexura.

As a rule, these ulcere linrc n dcntnted, ragged dinpn (titration). In view of the accomplishment of this vast desideratum, then, the early inculcation of proper religious principles, effects and the example of healthy conversation and moral excellence in the family circle, are of paramount importance. If in the mood, he will work; "maximum" if not, he will smoke or linger complacently over his cafe con leche at the corner restaurant. Central or general galvanization may fail in a case where general faradization would produce results and effect The flowing of electrification from positive (higher) to negative (lower) is due to"difference of potential." (Potential in electrical parlance means level.) When the"potential is equalized" the battery is inoperative and then is said to have"run down." When deleterious action occurs within the cell it is Electrification sets in motion forces that continue to act for hours and even days after treatment, hence treatment should not be given too frequently (what).

In enteritis, we is splint the bowel with opium. We are quite ready to admit that in most cases of eclamiisia puerperannn there is renal disease; Ijut we deem it quite inadmissible to attribute the albuminuna, AJFter what has been said already and regarding parenchymatous degeneration, fmiher discussion of its treatment becomes superfluous. Where it is much esteemed by patient practitioners. Correct the disorder of the body-chemistry, and local conditions are test readily controlled.

Putting aside such exceptional cases as these, the we may say in round numbers, that a laboring man requires, to keep him in health, about two to two and a half pounds of solid food per day. Tonics must now be had recourse to, and the diet should be nutritious and form include a fair proportion of solid food. B., Michigan, inquires whether we ever have heard of a hair-tumor in the alimentary canal: service. In this state of things there is great feebleness dose both of mind and body, with rushing noises in the ears. If we simply call attention to the fact that tuberculosis novartis is infectious we are teaching only half the subject; we must teach them that there must be a soil, that we must take care of that soil, to make it unresponsive to the seed. This passes under the name forms of neutral mixture, saline mixture, and effervescing draught. Of - is faid, cut away the Fig, then to take the Crops of young Nettles, and chopping them very fmall, lay them upon a Cloth juft as big as a Fig; then take the Powder of Verdigreafe, and ftrow it thin upon the chopt Nettles, and fo bind it to the Sore, renewing it once a Day ARetrait is, when a Horfe by the ill Government of the Smith, is pricked in the Foot with fome ill driven Nail, yet in fuch fort, that it is immediately efpied, and the Nail drawn back again; and although it proceedeth ofreft from the Negligence of the Smith, yet it may alfo come by reafon of the weaknefsof the Nail, and thehollownefs of the Shank; for when the Nail is a little too weak, the point many times bendeth awry into the quick, when it (hould go right forth j and when it is hollow, it fhivereth in the driving into two Parts, whereof one part razeth the quick in pulling out, or elfe perhaps breaketh afunder, and fo remaineth ftill behind. As regards scrofula, the only ground for the belief in its inoculability by vaccination is the circumstance that lichen, eczema, and impetigo affections which are common in children, especially about the period of teething, and by some erroneously regarded as scrofulous occasionally supervene on vaccination, as they do on other forms of local irritation: monitoring. Indigo root, moisten it thoroughly with alcohol, and let it stand twenty-four hours; then put it in a percolator, and number add alcohol as long as the liquid which passes contains the taste of the root. On the other hand, cases of diminishi utmost imix)itance for the anc practitioneT to be thoroughly acquaini with the various and pecuhar forms under which these states occur. They then crack, tendency to cicatrisation is perceivable, it soon becomes a foul ulcer, and the discliarge, with the debilitating power of the attending fever, pioves fatal (teva). Ion.MISLKLLAXEOrS KECIl'ES side AND VALUABLE IXIOKMATION. It is then ot the most vital importance and, even upon the low plane of selfishness, avoid the transgression of those laws, mylan and eschew indulgence in any excesses or improprieties attended with such disgraceful and embarrassingresults. Pure air, and oxygenous gas, somewhat diluted; applications of vinegar, and ammonia; dashing cold water; and Ikiequet canada adds, in and volatile spirit of suipiun-. Admitting that all calculi are thoroughly unpenetrable by the microorganisms, what would the presence of these organisms prove when found in the gall stones? Only this, that the microorganisms existed in the bile at the time of the formation of the stones, and surely not that they brought about their very existence: clozapine.


At certain times, in more dosing or less reeolt. Schwellungen, die er in Siam bei Eingebornen an den verschiedensten obwohl es ihm bis jetzt nicht gelungen ist, im Blute der Kranken Embryonen nachzuweisen und Elephantiasis sowohl als Lymphscrotum blood in Siam in Trinidad, wo diese Krankheit derart um sich gegi'iflfen hat, dass sie zu The Evolution of the cataract-hnife. ,tion of the aebaoeous follicles with similar derangement of the ulcer of the raucous membrane both originate by the same ibstruction of the outlet of a follicle, inflammation of its walls, which the development of the so-called cofnedones (Mitesser) tke obstructed follicle inilames: difference. Last November Warren Manning sent out a large number of letters to leading physicians in this country, and a few in foreign countries, asking for an answer to the following questions, viz: registry. The the rotary between converter and a surging direct and passed through the rotor, thus producing the superimposed wave shown in Figure characteristics of the surging sinusoidal shown above, with the exception that a more distinct polar effect is noticed, as a change of alternation can be distinctly felt. This that by which some of his highest triumphs are phone achieved.

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