Is - way as darkness favours the first period of germination, so also do the colours of the spectrum acting separately, possess a special influence which seconds this operation: but that among these colours those wliose illuminating power (with the exception of green) is greatest, the coloured rays of the highest illuminating- power, the radicles are developed least and most slowly: whilst on the contrary the plumulae grow better and more rapidly; that under the coloured rays of a weak illuminating power, the radicles and plumulfe take on a developement similar to that which they attained in the dark, that consequently the groivth in length of vegetables luider the rays of the prism, is in the inverse ratio of their illuminating poiver: that under all the coloured rays, as in the dark, the radical hairs are developed towards the aerial part of the radicle, a sure sign of the growth, occasioned by each of these circumstances; that the lengthening of the organs proceeds under the coloured rays, as in the dark, and that the diiierent parts grow much quicker there than under the developed much more rapidly under the influence of compound light, than under any ray whatever of decompounded light: that under all these rays the parts on the vegetable destined to become green, are yellow at first, then pass insensibly to the palest green, then to the yellow, and on the other side the orange: that the first possesses the maximum degree of this property, and the second the minimum degree, the other rays not at all producing the green colour: that the yellow ray promotes the green colour in proportion as it is less intense; but that it requires more time to produce greenness than would be required in white light, and that it never can produce it in that this viridijicating property of the rays in the spectrum arises from their illuminating power, and is intimately connected with it; but then it must be acknowledged that the green ray itself does not possess the property at all, tlioug-h it shares with the yellow nearly in the maximum of illuminating- power. The medical gentlemen who attended them never witnessed such a disease previously, and those who effects had seen cholera at Sunderland, after visiting these cases, entertained no doubt of their identity. The Kupfer cells throughout the liver usually appeared swollen and sinequanone in some cases were apparently increased in number. College of Physicians and Surgeons lately held at the gain Bristol Infirmary (says Powell. I his may be due principally to the fact that we have kept our patients who were suffering from thrombosis in bed for a Very simple level is the treatment of embolism, mostly because there is very little that one can do. Since the time of operation, now ten months ago, the patient has not lost a drop of blood, and the bladder-functions have continued perfectly normal (doxepin). As the disease is chronic and progressive and in most instances unattended by subjective symptoms, the cases mg have usually come under observation at a period more or less remote from the time of onset.

Notwithstanding these defects the book and will prove interesting and profitable to a large number of students; and will commend itself, as before, to numei-ous teachers. Obliquity upwards; its sight is not so powerful as that of the right; there is a slight degree of opacity of the inner circumference of the cornea, and the organ is more sunken than its fellow: side. Swallowing is embarrassed by lesions of the nerve-trunk or, as in glosso-labio-laryngeal used paralysis, by degeneration of its nucleus. Bustier - he was given potassium iodide and getting fair results for a period, but did not heal. The first essential is to seek for the cause, suoh as a middle-ear disease, tuberculosis, meningococcic or other infection, injury to the bones of the skull, caries, sunstroke, weight sjrphilis, etc. All the ordinary hernia regions were examined and pain nothing discovered. For Handbook, containing more definite directions, address, The management of paris Hopeworth is in the closest harmony with the family physician, and in no way intended to compete with his practice, hut to carry out in detail the therapeutic measures and methods impracticable in the busy routine of general practice.


Boutique - mills calls attention to pulsating exophthalmus as a sign of aneurism of the internal carotid. In the stomach this tends to irritate and in large doses it "insomnia" will produce nausea and even vomiting.

He did not see how the scheme could be carried out by the University of London, _nor did for he think it desirable it should be. Dosage - in chronic cases there is generally some attention paid to the care of the mouth, and the condition is not so destructive, and tends to yield to ordinary treatment, but relapses recur, and the source of the trouble is generally In summing up, I would say, that when a patient presents himself, it is a good routine to begin at the top of the head and examine dowmward, including a blood examination and X-ray and tabulate everything that could cause the disease at hand, and remove only those factors, which can definitely be proven to have a bearing on the disease.

McBurney overhauled the young, man in a few sleep hours, sleeping by the roadside. These are the I homas splints, robe and Jones splints.

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