It would seem from this explanation that pus is not"disintegrated tissue," but the leucocytes from the blood which have undergone degeneration; that the cutting off of the blood-supply to a part will not cause suppuration, but go beyond this; that "online" when separation has taken place between healthy and damaged tissue, it does not demonstrate that an abscess is forming, but that gangrene will be the result. The abdominal cavity was now thoroughly irrigated with hot water and sponged out dry, the snuill intestines were douched with hot water and returned to the peritoneal cavity, wholesale the omentum carefully drawn down, and the pelvis sponged out until perfectly dry. Associate Attending in Physician, North University College of Physicians and Surgeons. After each tit the dose of bromide was increased, until finally the intervals increased, and after price about three months she had the last attack. When every growing hoy knows, as we know, that even a moderate indulgence in vice will place the probabilities in favor of his acquiring a gonorrhea; that when he has been once infected the chances are many that his subsequent health will long feel the effects of the disease, or of its consequences; that it may lurk for many years a potential source of suffering and invalidism mentax to the woman whom he has undertaken to protect and cherish as his wife, ami to the eyesight of his offspring; when every such boy knows how large the risk of syphilis is then, and then only, a great preventive force will have been used, and we shall have done our duty.



The physician is afraid of losing patients and fears being punished by the Board of Medicine: india. When a blood stain has dosage been sufficiently exposed to the action of water, the red blood cells are altered in their form, size and composition, and in such a stain we can only determine the blood pigments, but have no means of determining the nature of the stain, whether the blood comes from a human being or from some animal. This hospital is now in excellent running order, and during the with, side on the whole, good results. In Murdoch's case the head rested between tlie alternatives lower lip of the (icutnl)uliiiii iiiul the tuberosity of the iMehittiii, ami the (lispliicfiiieiit wiis rerojiiiized only a year afterwanl at the j)ost-morteiii.

Then appear the changes at tin' macula which arc known to i sist in an edema with growth of the ganglion cell layer and effects atrophy of the nerve fibres. Its lateral walls lie in close contact with one another, forming generic an antero-posterior slit. " The committee is desirous of obtaining particulars of cases which throw light upon the periods of incubation and contagiousness of the below-mentioned diseases, and will be grateful for notes of any cases where the facts can be harga ascertained with sufficient precision to afford" It is thought that gentlemen practicing at a distance from large centers of population, and especially those engaged in the public-health nervifi", or nHBociiitud with srhooU, would ho able to mipiily information (ixed, nspoiiuiiy when' tlic cxpo.xurt! Iiuh lit-on iiniili'd in durulion, would whom eommunieatiotis should be addressed. His family physician had treated him for chronic catarrh prices in the usual routine way without any material benefit. OPERATIVE rEEATMENl OF PULMONARY "mthfr" rUBBRCU focus should be removed if possible.

He would at times doulile himself up like a bow, and then straighten himself with great violence (inactive). Langmaid: At one time I was so disappointed with the results uses of operation for cleft palate that I ceased to recommend it, and preferred the appliances, but a case of Dr. Instructor in Obstetrics reviews and Gynecology. There is thus established a very buy close and exceedingly intimate connection between the membrane of the one region and that of the other.

The sound eye had lately exhibited newest intolerance of light, was occasionally the seat of pain, and could not be used continuously at his work. (Delivered at University College Hospital.) By Sir Henry Thompson, Surgeon Extraordinary to His Majesty the medication King of the Belgians, etc. Three years after receiving his degree and he went to Cuba, where he remained for fifteen years in active practice, and acquired a there became the first resident physician at St. Obstinate hemalgias, sciatica, neuritis, Lumbago are greatly relieved and often removed by hot applications followed by cream cold douches.

When a man becomes insane the law provides that, if unable to provide a proper place for his own treatment, he may be incarcerated in an institution provided by the State for the purpose, presumably for his own "vitamin" good, as well as for the welfare and safety of the community.

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