In summing up the histories of these four cases, effects he found that all presented the following points in common: All were males; blow on left side of body in splenic region; secondary anemia and leucocytosis; no external evidence of injury about the body; rigidity and tenderness of the abdomen; all had shock following splenectomy. For instance, in early cases of tuberculosis, before the disease could be detected clinically; or in cases of osteitis fibrosis cystica, the roentgen-ray could aid in diagnosis before a definite clinical picture was found (olanzapine). Any one desirous of reading aU that is known about the kala-azar of Assam, I must refer to Dr: hair. And a systolic mg bruit, probably due to ansemia, may be developed. Ansemia is one of the earliest symptoms of acute leadpoisoning (velotab). He had seen a number of cases in which side one or the other of the above directions were neglected. The latter brings strong evidence to bear in favour of an auto-toxication (breathless nessand painful stifiness of muscles are common to fevers and to unaccustomed exercises); the combustion of muscular work (and the muscles are more than organs of locomotions, they are" glands') produces products of dissimi lation, which alike destroy the quality of irritabihty of If we inject into the muscles of a healthy etkileri frog a solution made from finely powdered fatigued muscle, the frog's muscles lose their irritability and refuse to contract. In that year the Vaccination Department was reorganised, remembered that there are forty-seven districts of great area and containing an average population of is over one million and a half, three times greater than the average population of the Punjab A.

This capsule, though closely adherent to the hydatid, is quite distinct from of it, and is formed from irritation of the surrounding structures, and is not developed from the hydatid itself. Intracranial tumor was diagnosticated, therefore, by exclusion as well as by the positive symptoms, and by further analysis located in the pons (tablet). Towns and villages in lohich the "yan" spleen percentage has SANITARY AERANGEMENTS AT KUMBH FAIRS.

Tardive - he was of intemperate habits, and some years ago had been treated for disturbances of motor power iu the lower limbs, apparently connected with syphilis.

He then stated that in nineteen years of professional life in the Punjab, he had seen many cases of typhoid fever among natives, and that he pill was inclined to think that vegetarians were just as liable to the diseases as meat-eaters. And similarly, the muscular atrophies occasionally noted and the diminished or absent patellar reflex must have their source in cord disturbances or in The complete symptom complex of exophthalmic goitre, it is thus seen, necessitates a for very general involvement of the nervous system, and in the absence in recorded autopsies of resultant appreciable lesions aifecting at once its various portions the theory that the pathogenesis of the disease is probably to be found in a general toxaemia of the nervous system, producing functional disturbances and sometimes leading to structural changes, possibly at the points of least resistance, seems may be summarized as follows: gland in many cases of exophthalmic goitre. Intellectual activity retards dagilabilir general nutrition. Hunter uses the term anaemia in its bijsluiter widest sense to include every condition, whether local or general, in which, the blood is either qualitatively or quantitatively impaired. The extreme grades zydis of mental degradation are rarer from morphine than from other stimulant and narcotic agents. This angle is usually found in the diagonal position at the eighth interspace or the ninth rib 10 in the mid-axillary line. If the discharge is profuse and the ulcers are large, the dressings should be sleeping applied at first every day, after thoroughly washing and cleansing the ulcers. The iodide is least useful in the hypertrophic form, and when persistent jaimdici! 28 or perihepatitis obtains. In conclusion, may I plead for a more systematic and thorough training of students in our Indian colleges in eye diseases? The tendency "used" at present is to make expert opticians but poor oculists.


Traits Theoriqnc et Pratique rtii, Mnssagc, which is substantially a popularisation of Metzger's Dutch pamphlet, and now he has pointed out a small field in which benzo we can see no reason why ho should not be given a fair trial. The diploma in medicine for English students, was recognised by a formal and almost unanimous dyskinesia vote, and directions were given to prepare a scheme whereby this end might be attained.

A very large proportion of the members know the loss work of the Association, and are bound to it chiefly by their weekly JocRNAX. The prodromal symptoms of the severe forms and the symptoms of the milder forms of sunstroke are those of acute functional disturbances, while the later symptoms of the severe forms show the tendency to destruction of the neurons (weight). And even where itayment is made, agizda it ib only too often at an unconsciously distant date. JoaN Mak-shall, who said withdrawal that the Executive Council had not been idle since the meeting in February.

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