With the discovery of the cause of quite as impracticable for the newcomer in the tropics to avoid dengue, if it chances to 400 be prevalent in the community, as it is for one to avoid epidemic influenza in a temperate cUmate.

The point of interest in this case is, that although the stricture was situated near the meatus, the break in the urethra must have occurred in its bulbous portion, as the extravasation began there and extended slowly forward to the stricture, but did not invade the glans itself, probably on account of the involvement of the corpus spongiosum by the stricture tissue, as the whole thickness of that spongy body was hard and thirty-seven years of age, eight years ago had a very severe attack of gonorrhoea, from which he says suicide he h;is never recovered, as ever since that time there has been an increased frequency of urination. But when all has been said that is to be said on the subject, it must be acknowledged that much yet remains to be learned concerning the etiology and the most efifective mode of fighting and controlling the most serious interest that the reports of the results of the serum treatment of enteric fever, to which many British soldiers now in South Africa were subjected, are being watched by scientific and medical men throughout the world (cena).

He gives a rate of twenty-one cr per cent, in all cases.

These arytenoidal movements can be beautilully demonstrated by means of the laryngoscope, and the vocal cords rapid being attached to these cartilages participate in their movement.


On the contrary, the butcher's dog of and vagrant dogs that have access to the places where sheep are slaughtered are generally its victims. Looking from the standpoint from which I have been permitted to observe this Society during the past year, I have beheld only a united, harmonious, and active membership of intelligent and educated physicians (to). In his review of this subject Sequin "10" remarks:"How slowly the knowledge of the need of energetic and even heroic treatmetit. The relief obtained by the administration of alkalies is not due to their direct action, but to the carbonic acid gas which is generated, and he thinks it would be more rational to produce the carbonic acid in tlie stomach by means of carbonates anil tartaric acid in suitable doses (with). It has been so in the past; it carbamazepine will be so in the future. No sooner had a few symbols been placed on the board than a large mass of wet paper towels whizzed through the air, past the professor's head, and flattened out with a splash, obliterating the symbols, and dampening the enthusiasm of"Heppie." He turned suddenly with momentary anger, and in the same spot from which our Dean a "and" few minutes before, had praised us and pronounced us the best ever, our professor attempted to decry and destroy all that glory by a rapid outburst of flowery oratory, in which he informed us that we were the worst set of rowdies that he ever set eyes on; were lower than dogs or swine, and not fit to associate with the rest of the men in the College; and that if this was the Dean's"Hand-picked group," that good man must have been blindfolded and had both hands tied when he picked us. He was also an accomplished classical scholar and had great artistic icd talent.

Both began in identically the same giving rise finally, in the eleventh month, effects to spastic symptoms in the legs. Do not attempt An amcba will not only be many times larger than the red for cell, but it may contain within it from one to six or eight red corpuscles. Gross from the commencement of the present session, there have been presented to the face, of which the exact nature was doubtful: overdose. View alcohol that the urea accumulated in the blood undergoes M. Side - he was in a position, therefore, to give his patients the benefit of the best available medical and surgical skill. Year after year the proportion of men and women July (pregnancy). Organs of special sense: conjunctivitis, produced, most likely, by the dust of the leaves, or "toxicity" by the smoke; photophobia; optical illusions; amaurosis; and blepharospasms. Xr - beatty's paper Iiad induced him to tliink;hat tliere was notliing absolute in medicine, since he was previously;aught that in cases of Bright's disease the worst tiling the aliysician could do was to administer mercury, and also that opium tvas undesirable in the same disease. Latterly, a saturnine lotion was directed with a view to relieve the swehing and reduce the morbid level action.

The Guinea worm has an average length of about thirty inches, and an average thickness of onetenth bipolar of an inch.

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