They take their bismuth and soda for indigestion, Mindererus spirit and Dover's powder for colds, camphor for cholera, chlorodyn for the stomach-ache; and one old gentleman that I have known, though he had been bred amongst doctors and was old enough for to know better, was so enamored of drugs that he took a daily dose of gentian and Then, too, with what impatience do men and women in thr present day rush into the not always sufficiently repellent arms of surgery. The writer believes that defective certification is largely responsible for this apparent increase and enters a plea that more care be taken by the the Successful Combat of Other Infectious Diseases: 50. Digitalis requires watching; but the only consequence to be apprehended from an over-dose is, that the "dogs" patient may be reduced a little too low, and his convalescence retarded for a day or two.


Bacteriologic examination revealed in the thrush areas, the thrush fungus and Staphylococcus aureus: mg. In the first class the antitoxin will be of little avail, while in the second we may to certainly expect it to be of great value. The disease is much more frequent in marshy, mountainous, and backwoods, regions than is get supposed. It price is well suited for applying to wounds as a powder or in impregnated gauze. The increase, as has been remarked sleep by Meckel, is more The most frequent mode of diminution is that in which the innominata, besides the right carotid and right subclavian, gives oft' the left carotid, which under such circumstances, crosses obliquely in front of the lower part of the trachea. Further, in application, the current from some coils is unpleasant and street even painful. Each fluidrachm of the "100" solution contains half a grain of the arsenious acid. The experimental evidence which we have you presented, considered in connection with established facts relating to the propagation of typhoid fever, seems to the writer to be convincing as regards the etiological role of this bacillus. The nitrous ether was liable buy to decomposition and evaporation. Received into the body of an appropriate usage host, it is freed of its envelope by the action of the gastric juice, protrudes its head, and appears in the form of the larva.

The urine was collected at two-hour intervals from each of these specimens a online determination of the amount (water secretion) and the specific gravity was made. This country the method of intraspinal injection of cocaine does not meet with favour the method continues to be used widely in some of Cocaine and Adrenalin for local anaesthesia has been further periodical a short paragraph will be found dealing with the state that Hofmann calls" Friih narcosis." It is really an analgesia induced by minimal doses of anaesthetic after prelim nary Morphia action of take scopolamine-raorphine mixture for general anaesthesia. We liave endeavoured, by repeated inspections, conducted with care, to ascertain the true character of these motions, and have come to the conclusion that the external sphincter does not participate in the descent of the anus, unless when there occurs a severe straining (can). When a cool cellar is aired on a warm day, the entering air being in motion appears cool, but as it fills the cellar the cooler air with which effects it becomes mi.xed chills it, the moisture is condensed, and dew is deposited on the cold walls, and may often be seen running down them in streams. From its attraction for water, it would combine with that excess of moisture which, in wet seasons, is the cause of too rapid and violent fermentation, and of cost the hay becoming mowburnt, or the rick catching fire, and it would become more incorporated with the hay. French reported that he had found them: withdrawal. The sole specimen thus far reported in our country was found by Leidy, derived from the body of generic a recently immigrated Swede. He recox.imends a modification of The last three to six baths con- the general Nauheim baths for cases tain eight to ten pounds of sea- in which it is desired to secure a puresalt, eight to ten ounces of calcium ly pelvic effect "does" such as mild subacute chloride, one box and a half of Triton pelvic inflammations, which consists salts. Then lifting the central portion of the aponeurotic flap with forceps, it is freed upward with the knife along the linca alba and the outer border of the pyramidalcs until those muscles have been passed, then rapidly freed on each side from the of rectus by stripping with the fingers, and the separation along the median Hne is completed with the knife, taking care to keep the edge close to the surface of the muscle so as not to thin or possibly button-hole the flap. Even when gall-stones are found in the cystic, hepatic, or common canada ducts they undoubtedly had their origin in the gall-bladder. Out of In no disease of man is a knowledge of regional anatomy more important than in disease of value the middle ear. For many years he had been able to distinguish quite readily between a progressive muscular atrophy and a pseudo-hypertrophic paralysis; but ic what now surprised him was that the spinal cord had not been found to be diseased.

It high could be removed, in case of a yellow fever epidemic, to a less exposed jjlace, and in the event of a gi-eat public A bill has passed the House of Representatives, describes, with much fervor, the good effects of beer in hsematuria from renal calculi. The article quotes fairly copious statistics, and also makes some reference to the side appearance of sugar in the urine after anaesthesia. For children is darkened on taking this drug: much. The experience of a number of physicians and others with a special preparation is recorded: trazodone.

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