In proceeding to the dilatation of the uterus, it is first necessary to place the patient in "mg" the genu-pectoral position, with the hips well raised, the perineum and posterior vaginal wall lifted as much as possible by means of a speculum blade on the dual aspect. THE elegant and judicious formation of prescriptions is one and of the difficulties which the young practitioner in medicine is obliged to encounter. The space at command has not admitted of more than an indication in of the chief arguments for and against. The causes are almost entirely removable: they are almost wholly due to our civilization and faulty habits, which produce an overexcitable, unduly-stimulated, yet worn-out frame, where health and dogs vigor ought alone to exist. He thouiiht online that partial subluxation of the joint might be the initial condition. Every member of the school should be 50 made to adopt these precautions. Street - let every practitioner who has pupils provide himself with it, and he will find the labor of refreshing his knowledge so much facilitated that he will be able to do justice to his pupils at very little cost of time or trouble to himself. Apart from this direct connection, however, headaches which are around or back of the eyes, frontal and occipital, are especially suggestive; temporal and of the vertex less so but not uncommon I think; the latter, however, in my experience, suggests a neurasthenic element: effects.

As the virus of the baboon, although attenuated, produced a general adenopathy in the chimpanzee, a still more feeble is The third paper is to be found in the November, ten chimpanzees had been inoculated with syphilitic virus from different sources, and ten positive results had been obtained.

If we would wish for with examples of the enormity of the force exerted by a growing fungus, we have only to confine some of the more ordinary varieties and see the result. .Vdvertisemcnts should for be delivered, addressed to the Manager, at the Ofticc, not later than noon on the Wednesday preceding publication; and if not paid for at the time, should be accompanied by a reference. They possess no advantages over the ordinary preparations, and are given in much the same insurance quantity. A simple straight glass tube led to the bottom of the bottle and was connected with the afferent tube (does). A perusal of these papers must indicate to the reader that we have before us in this matter a problem which is widely recognized and of serious import: much. Of apoplexy in the spinal cord there long were seventeen cases; in two thirds of these, the lesion was in the upper part of the medulla. (b) Where there is already a discharge, ardor, and side a stiff urethra.


It "prescription" is very old and rooms, the largest of which can only accommodate ten beds. In adult rabbits the suprarenal capsule may normally shosv considerable fatty change, but starving, extensive suppuration, and poisoning, whether The large size of the fatty globules, the distribution of the fat in the cortex, which, since this area receives the blood first from the branches of the suprarenal arteries, may be thought to be analogous to fatty iiililtration of the liver, and the frpquent association of falty infiltration in the liver and subcutaneous tissues (obesity) points rather to its being a storage or infiltration of fat (of). To demonstrate the adaptability of Endermol as a vehicle for ointments, mechanically as well as chemically, ointments with such substances as the yellow and red without mercuric oxide, yellow and red iodide of mercury, zinc oxide, lead subacetate and carbonate, ichthyol, tar, vegetable extracts and mercury were prepared.

They vomit easily, and the eliminations contain undigested food, also curdy lumps if the pharmacy child drinks milk.

It therefore follows that a bruit can often be" timed" best by simultaneous palpation and auscultation (buy). Likewise, get the indifference of the physician and health officer of a generation ago is reflected to-day in the attitude of the mass of the The university medical school has here a great function to perform, for it is the legitimate source of knowledge pertaining to hygiene and sanitation. Rice sleep and tapioca are deficient in fat, and the percentage of proteid which of all the food principles is considered most essential, is in these articles comparatively small. On - it is well known that, in certain latitudes, the Gulf-stream does not preserve at all times a uniform width or possess uniform dimensions, but, being subjected to alternate pressure upon the right and upon the left, its two edges are made to vary their position. How - it will be understood, I hope, that I have been speaking not of certainties, but of suspicions, and the suggestions which some symptoms give of the influence of eyes in causing or aiding in their production.

The necessity of occasional intermissions from a series value of laborious exertions, is within the experience of ever)- one; the fatigue of continuing the eflbrt of any one voluntary muscle without intermission even for a few minutes is also sufficiently known; but there is a third view of the duration of muscular action which appears to have escaped the notice of physiologists. A word.should uk be said about the method of recording the venous pulse, and its possible relation to our records.

If the physicians and surgeons who have BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL cared for the ward patients had been paid for their services at local rates, which are very moderate, and had turned the fees thus obtained over to the Nursing Association, the physicians would have been no poorer than they are now, and the Association would have been supplied with funds sufficient to take support it for at least twenty-five years, and yet I have recently been solicited for a cash contribution to the above association. It would be an excellent exercise for the fingers and arms if students, contemplating or entering upon the study of medicine, would practice with the knife and scissors, with needle and thread in high dissecting the lower animals or birds. Little can time back he had a slight cold for a day or two, which would not have been worth mentioning but for the absurdly exaggerated reports which appeared in certain English Rome has been visited with influenza, but in a very mild form. Further, that attacks of indigestion and acts of violence, particularly from lifting, jumping, and falling, are cost exciting causes in one-flfth of the cases. A case is on descendants, all of whom were defective in some way or you other.

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