The Fourteenth International Congress of Medicine, which met during the past week in Madrid, and of which we present a full and special cable report in this issue, was in many sleep respects a notable one, especially on account of the importance and variety of subjects discussed. Several cases such as those described by pill Dr. Considerations of this kind, have led me, when the operation for phymosis became necessary, to remove less of the prepuce than surgeons are in the 50mg habit of doing. A young lady attempted to raise a window sash, which was caught fast by generic ice that had gathered at the sill. The stomach appeared to be canada somewhat enlarged, and the bowels were habitually costive. LioDr, and mercorial ointment to be rubbed side into the groin. In.-nch cases, however, tablet upon careful investigation it will usually be found that the common dietetic error has existed at an earlier period or else then; is a strong hereditary element present. All members of the Association should send you their Annual Dues EDITORIAL NOTICE. The chapter of the indications and contraindications of the waters of Plombieres is most important much to read. When, as has happened, an operation for tumor of the liver has revealed a gumma, we feel that it is better tohave made the mistake of treating a case of carcinoma for syphilis, rather than the reverse, tooperate on a gumma of the liver afterward cured Another instance of limitation of ability thoroughly to diagnose disease by physical signs is in the incipiency of tuberculosis 100 in cases from which no sputum is to be obtained for examination. And a marked pelvic comparison deformity. Removed -with piece of bullet (trazodone).

A copy or write from dictation (can).

The use of the coal-tar"antipyretics" in these cases cannot an ice-bag over the preecordium, and if hcl the pulse is full and bounding.-mall doses of tincture of aconite are serviceable.

Tho brain cannot be dealt with so vigorouslj', but removal of pulped useless material and of foreign online bodies will allow it to combat more successfully any infection. Since living in 50 this country she has from time to time suffered from a fairly severe degree of anaemia, but has never needed a doctor except for her confinements. As a matter of resulting taste would prevent the popularity undiluted of any substance "for" containing it. Appropriately headed by a word of advice from the Kegius Professor of Physic in the University buy of Cambridge, the symposium contains many brief but valuable annotations. Doctors speak of it as"flaring up" now and then, as they do of tuberculosis: how.


This being effected, a flap was raised from the plantar aspect, then, the ligaments connecting the above articulations, were divided, and tablets the parts included by the sections removed. Fiftyfour cases showed the typical bony swellings of the lower limbs; thirty-three times in the thigh alone, seven times in the leg alone and fourteen times m both the thigh and of leg. The London Speaker, commenting upon the same matter, says,"Even the most casual of newspaper readers must have noticed how many have been withdrawal the cases of cocaine poisoning during the past few years.

It is remarkable what tolerance to the drug these patients exhibit, half a grain get being a regular and not infrequently inadequate dose; it is of advantage as a prophylactic before transporting tho patient from one place to another. But after the blood reassembles from the capillary sponge, it moves slowly and it has an unusually hard time going uphill from the legs to the heart (high). Absolute heart dulness begins at the pharmacy fifth rib.

An additional proof of a functional murmur, if one were needed, is that the second sound at tho pulmonary area is price THE SOLDIER'S HEART AND THE STRAINED overstrained lieart the sudden onset may bo regarded as a climax in a gradual exhaustion of the myocardium, and primarily as a myocardial failure. Ordered color and elasticity; suppuration diminished in cost quantity, and of a healthy cluiracter.

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