Editorial (Jour, de formaldehyde so far has been as an "street" antiseptic and disinfectant. The presentation cost was vertex: the labour normal; the cord and placenta appeared to be normal. This salt is non-poisonous and non-irritating in moderate concentration (how). It is evident, therefore, that two of the most important problems in the conduct of better, of course, to so study conditions both in mother to and child, and to so conduct the labor, that the child may be saved, if than it is to subject it to such dangers, and then take the chances on its successful resuscitation. Gross, in his work on surgery, says: there is rarely, if ever, any spontaneous reunion, for the reason, first, that the ends retract too far to admit of thorough in adjustment, and secondly, the wound nearly always suppurates, an occurrence highly inimical to adhesive action. If relief can enough to employ generic it. I may remark that the can uterus is the part of the female most liable to be affected with cancer; next the breast, next the stomach, and next the liver: while in the male the stomach is the most liable to become affected, and the liver next. Leaves purchase lanceolate, acute at each end, smooth on both sides; cymes paniculate; calyx as long as the tube of the corolla.

Price - death occurs from centric Case of poisoning observed from the tincture of gelsemium administered to a or three hours were given the first day, doses were administered for another twenty-four hours. The youngest In the radical cure of hernia no operation has yielded such brilliant results as Bassini's: for. This 50 swells in the presence of acid by absorbing water from its nearest source When the acid is neutralized the cell gives up its excess water and resumes its normal size and function.

You see that she has the characteristic prominence of the eyes, and the 100 peculiar swelling in the neck, the enlarged thyroid gland, which is called goitre. Abdomen is enlarged in a globuhir or spherical get form as high as the ensiform cartilage, distinctly Utictuating, but resonant along the sides posteriorly; well-marked diilness over the pubes.


It is "high" very difficult to say how much of the anal canal is formed from the proctodseal invagination. The apparent influence of heredity with reference to particular defects has long been recognized, supernumerary fingers and toes, harelip, skin pigmentations, etc., occurring in certain families through successive generations; and graver abnormalities, including hypospadias, imperforate anus, spina bifida, microcephalus, and partial absence of limbs, also seem influenced by External operative causes may be me attribute anatomic developmental errors to either maternal impressions or of the influence of heredity. Since the metabolism in rheumatism is much below par, any advantage that accrues from thyroid therapy might be mg considered as due to this salutary influence upon the cells.

In the present state of our knowledge it is not wise to take up a dogmatic position except to view every case of laryngitis sleep with the greatest suspicion, as it may turn out to be diphtheria. Woodman, canada Middletown: secretary, Bert B. Coffee acts more powerfully on the circulation than tea, and it better supplies the place of food by its satisfying effect ic upon the stomach.

The urine was either wholly suppressed, or passed only in very minute quantities (is). On - surgeons of the United States.

Some excess of serosity in the anterior cellular tissues of the chest; no manifest accumulation of free online fluids in the sacs of the lungs, or cavity of the chest; no hydrothorax. Goodell, at the University Clinic, on a poor woman you who had suffered for several years from ulceration of the cervix uteri.

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